An Estonian screenwriter/director driven by a bold visual approach to storytelling. Heavily influenced by film theory and cinema of immersion, Juri strives to create culturally relevant and visually compelling work. 

While being comfortable practising various filmmaking mediums Juri’s work often seeks to establish contact with the viewer with the use of vigorous visual language and valiant pacing. Provoking thought when delving into themes of trauma, isolation and the elusive notion of existence that may rest deep in one’s psyche.

With respect to the crafting process of visual work, Juri advocates for an inclusive workflow across all departments of production, which ultimately transpires each individual passion for filmmaking.


Inspired by doubt, Nell’s academic background in film and philosophy has taught her that the world is rarely what it seems, and all assumptions should be questioned. This outlook is reflected in her deep love for the strangeness that film can depict, as well as its power to show and embrace the diversity and inclusivity of the world that should be. Her extensive experience of working with children is another source of inspiration to be playful and curious.

As a film producer, she aims to put these ideas into action by ensuring a kind and welcoming filmmaking environment. Nell sees environmental impact as too often overlooked on sets, and wants filmmaking to join the ranks of responsible industries by making carbon-neutral films. A Nell production is generous and kind to cast and crew, challenging and fun in spirit, and respectful to the planet. 


Todd has been shooting film and digital photography for 15 years, originally specializing in live events such as weddings, concerts, and theater, and working with artists to promote their work in magazines, as album covers, film posters, and more. He has a spirited, energetic approach to collaborative shooting that is warm and humorous. In 2017, Todd was invited to shoot unit stills for a short film and fell in love with the work.

Todd is dedicated to bringing professionalism and a focus on elevating the overall production to the role of Set Photographer. He is a respectful and stealthy presence on set, improvising good angles in tight situations, and building rapport with crew to candidly document everyone's hard work. In addition to capturing BTS, Todd's M.O. is locating the vital actions and decisive moments within scenes, distilling the project into a series of stills for promotion.


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